Money for something

Tantrums. Tantrums. Tantrums. How to turn the inevitable misery into a learning opportunity? How about the chance to turn “no you can’t have it” into yes, we don’t have money today but we can put it on hold until tomorrow and open your piggy bank and count it the money from grandmas birthday gift of $5. Then we can bring the money to buy it tomorrow! Yay! A lesson in delayed gratification that might actually now make sense to her. She is ready. And along the way we are learning counting, saving, responsibility for our own needs and belongings, weighing our options, and appreciation for thoughtful gifts. I see a light at the end of the tunnel of tantrums. But I also see many more challenges coming my way with this new lesson about what money can do, and I’m sure that freedom to choose will bring other frustrations for Phoenix, also. But today’s lesson feels like a tiny step up. I’m looking forward to seeing what Phoenix will do with that money tomorrow. Will it still be the stretchy lizard that is the cutest thing ever, or will money become another cruel limitation?


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