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Calling all unschooled adults!

After their interesting survey of unschooling families, they are doing more research and need you!

Dropout, or burnout

How sad but true; children with BURNOUT! Here is a quote from” Wikipedia regarding a criticism of the school system and its “subjects”:
“many subjects have been taught too early to students and this has helped cause burnout in school children.”

Is unschooling lonely?

It may be lonely for the parents too. Watch for my post coming soon about my motto.

Inspirational People – Muhammed


Just your typical polyglot

Our friend, the kind and gentle Tuareg camel guide Muhammed, speaks his indigenous language, Berber, Arabic, French, English, Spanish and some of many other international languages including Japanese. He grew up in a tent in the Saharan desert and never attended school.

Why are we here?

traveling man

Why are we here?

What a beautiful mystery. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts. Check out “The Nature of Existence” now on Here is the trailer. The Nature of Existence



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