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Are we lost?

Why are we here? Where are we going? These are questions we all ask. Perhaps asking these questions is what separated us from our cousins, the primates. Here at Paleo Ed we explore that which hides in plain site, our humanity. That is we look to remove our mask of culture and dig into our past, like archeologists, to uncover what we may have forgotten about ourselves. With this kind of exploration of our true selves, we hopefully can find a more fitting lifestyle that aligns with our culturally buried instincts and the natural world itself. We discuss everything that is “normal” or “abnormal” (culturally constructed) from accepted education, parenting, nutrition, medicinal paradigms. Paleo Ed is part reading list, part blog, part discussion group, part self-help. Each of us has our own cave, welcome to ours! Sit by the fire and enjoy!



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