Finding my way by following

So this little one loves the process, but not the product. She wants to make tea but not drink it, or cook an egg but not eat it. And so instead of getting frustrated as I throw out or attempt to consume so much, I’ve decided to channel her energy and desire to do/make/learn. It finally occurred to me to instead of just asking if she was actually planning to eat it what she wanted to make, and instead of saying no because i know she isn’t going to, that I could redirect that towards something productive and thus have a secondary positive lesson in that she could also see her efforts benefiting others. Tonight, I suggested to her that when she doesn’t actually want something but wants to make something, she could say something like, “mummy, can i make a tea for you?” if not this, then I can think of something I need to make that she can actually help with. I wonder, how could this principle apply in other situations in an unschooling life, so that encouragement and learning can continue rather than be shut down? And how can I recognize my mistakes sooner?!

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