The last time I was at the dentist, my hygienist said I was developing more extensive gum recession compared to the previous visit. The other day, I ran into a discussion online about the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. Apparently, oil pulling can, among other things, help the gums heal. So I am trying it using sesame oil, once a day, and if I can, first thing in the morning. If nothing else, my mouth feels very clean after a oil swish, water wash, tooth brushing, and then water wash again. And it makes me more conscious of what goes in my mouth first thing, so instead of eating and therefore consuming the bacteria that stewed in the night in my mouth, I am spitting it out. I understand that it is scientifically proven that a healthy mouth is linked with general health and longevity, so it makes sense to me.


On a similar oily note, after a drying winter, my skin has become rough. And after some hearty life-experiences, my skin is also showing signs of wisdom! But I quit my addiction to commercial chemical skin products when I became pregnant with my first child 4 years ago. And not having time to research acceptable replacements, i opted out completely. Now that my skin is reflecting my life, I am looking for new ones, but this time without the chemicals. This time I can lick my lips when I wash my face… mmm, olive oil and honey! So far I like! But having been prone to acne before, we will have to see.


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